About Us:

Welcome to SAFRICOT

Your School of Counselling Excellence in Africa.

Who Are We

We are a Non-governmental, vocational training Institution Registered with the Ministry of Higher Education in Zimbabwe. We pride ourselves in our core values of Counselling Excellence, Professionalism and Quality

What We Do

We offer professional, reputable and recognized courses in the following Counselling and Health Disciplines:
  • Diploma in Counselling and Therapy
  • Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management & Counselling
  • HIV & AIDS Counselling
  • HIV & AIDS Advocacy
  • Basic Counselling
  • Stress Management

Our Mission

To offer comprehensive quality professional counselling courses designed to transform students into versatile, knowledgeable, ethical and able counselling practitioners and to offer competent quality counselling services

Our history

The Southern African Institute of Counselling and Therapy (SAFRICOT) is a training institution which specialises in Counselling and Health Sciences. Established in 2002 under the Directorship of Andrew Moyo, the college has serviced Africa’s counselling needs both in terms of professional training as well as offering counselling to those in need of it. Students have come to Safricot from all corners of Africa to receive specialized training and practical transferrance of skill from the highly trained staff complement. This has earned Safricot the reputation of being the school of counselling excellence in Africa.

Why choose us?

Our offering, whether on study courses or counselling services, are economical and competitively priced. Customer value and customer satisfaction is what we are centered on

We are registered with the Department of Higher and Tertiary Education in Zimbabwe and offer qualifications that are recognized at National Level

Our lecturers and counsellors are rigorously trained and are backed by qualification in their respective offices. The level of experience they have collectively gathered over the years empowers them to offer the best services in the business

Our courses take a practical approach, where you get to learn and demonstrate understanding of theory in application. You are assessed and given tips on how to apply concepts, which boosts confidence and transfers skill. 

Workshops Facilitated
African Countries
Students Trained

Would you like us to run a workshop with your company?

We facilitate training workshops with organizations, where we share our expert knowledge on counselling matters and empower organizations to handle work related stresses