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Diploma in Counselling and Therapy

Covered over a one year block-release period. You get an option to receive a counselling certificate as you study toward the final diploma. It offers specializations and skills that set safricot professionals apart! ​

Diploma in HIV & AIDS Management and Counselling

This offering takes a "deep dive" into the management of HIV  & AIDS related issues from a counselling perspective. Equipping students with unique expertise required in managing and offering counselling in this area. Also on offer on a one year block release basis

5 - Day Short Courses

We offer short course certificates studied over 5 days. These give basic understanding and introduction to critical areas in the counselling profession. These courses are:
- Basic Counselling;
- HIV and AIDS counseĺling;
- HIV and AIDS Advocacy;
- Stress Management

Counselling Services

We offer counselling services, conducted in an environment which you are guaranteed to be safe and welcoming. Our professional counsellors are trained and experienced in handling all counselling issues from marital, relationship, substance abuse and career/work-related issues

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Our courses offer the option of Home Study, giving working professionals the opportunity to pace their own progress while enjoying one-on-one coaching and tutorials